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Child being adjustedChiropractors are highly trained professionals skilled in adjusting or manipulating the joints of the spine and elsewhere in the body. When pain, tension, or stiffness is present in the body, it is likely that, in addition to the muscles involved, joints are also associated with the painful or affected areas.

The spine is comprised of 24 vertebrae, with three joints between each vertebra. In order for the spine and muscles of the back to function properly, there must be a certain amount of movement occurring between each of those joints.

It is common for joints in the spine, and other areas of the body, to become stuck or lose their ability to move normally. Joints become stuck when we hold certain positions for prolonged periods of time, or perform repetitive tasks, particularly if posture is not optimal.

A common example of this type of postural problem is sitting at a computer for extended periods. Joints may also become stuck due to accident or injury.

Chiropractors have developed many different techniques for adjusting or manipulating the joints. Most people are familiar with the audible manual adjustment that produces a sound, such as that heard when popping the knuckles. The techniques associated with manual manipulation are "Diversified" and "Gonstead."

Other quieter techniques include:

  • ActivatorActivator technique — uses a special instrument to provide manipulation with extremely low force
  • Flexion Distraction technique — allows the doctor to stretch the joints of the spine to restore normal motion
  • Drop table or Thompson technique — employs a special table that allows manipulation using less force

Dr. Bennett is experienced with all these techniques and uses them regularly. He determines which techniques are best, depending upon individual needs and circumstances.

If you have concerns about manipulation or chiropractic care, we are happy to talk with you and provide information. Please call us at (408) 732-7223.

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